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Advertising is not as complicated as you think!

Advertising on our radio stations is not only a great way to reach the people of North, Central and East Central Missouri, but to get them in motion and into your business the way hundreds of other businesses do every week of the year.

Our marketing staff is trained in getting results for you. We are not a Wall Street company, but a Main Street company.  Our employees shop in the same stores you do, eat in the same restaurants you do and are concerned about all of the same things you are.  A lifetime in these communities gives us a unique perspective into the people of the Show-Me-State and their way of life.  All of our reps are trained and experienced with radio advertising, and are fluent in other ad media as well.

How it Works:

When our advertising rep comes to see you, they will start by asking you a few simple questions that uniquely identifies your business.  With this information, our team begins the research into your business and business category and will custom design an advertising plan tailored to fit your objective.  We've found the most effective way to use radio involves two specific strategies;  Long-term Consistency and Short-term Impact.

Ad Costs:

The price of a commercial (ad, spot) starts at about $6.00 per ad and can scale all the way up to $35+ per ad.  The least expensive ad costs are obtained by signing annual agreements (the majority of our business is annual agreements) running through all days and dayparts (a daypart being a period of time with a designation: 6A-10A Morning Drive).  The most expensive ads are sponsorships such as news broadcasts.

To get started, call our main office at 1-660-258-3383 or any of our stations directly.  

  • For KFMZ & KZBK call our Brookfield, MO office at 660-258-3383 
  • For KLTI, call our Macon, MO office at 660-385-1560 or 660-263-0433  
  • For KZZT, call our Moberly, MO office at 660-263-9390 or 660-258-3383
  • For KMCR, call our Montgomery City, MO office at 573-564-2275

For information regarding agency advertising rates on any Best Broadcast Group Station, contact Dale A. Palmer, our General Manager at 660-258-3383

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