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The Group

Today, the Best Broadcast Group operates five (5) radio stations and four (4) translator stations serving North, Central and East Central Missouri.



KZZT (105.5 FM), Moberly, MO. was the original flagship station of our group. KZZT signed on the air April 10, 1987 with an operating power of 3000 watts. The 24 hour service featured a block programmed format that was Adult Contemporary during the day, Top 40/CHR at night and Classic Rock/AOR overnight. A short time later KZZT increased operating power to 6000 watts and later 25,000 watts. Over the years, KZZT has always featured a "contemporary" type format. Today, KZZT features a Classic Rock format with a strong 50,000 watts of power from a new transmission facility that went on-air in 1999.


In 1993, we purchased KGNG (1470 AM) and KZBK (97.7 FM) at Brookfield, MO. Applications were filed with the FCC to change call letters to KZBK (AM) and KZBK-FM (FM) and the station simulcast KZZT programming. At the time of purchase, the AM station was a directional daytime only operation with 500 watts of power while the FM station broadcast from 6am to 10pm with 3000 watts. A short time later, an application was filed to relocate the FM to a new tower, change frequency and increase operating power to 50,000 watts.

Today, the AM operates twenty-four (24) hours a day from its original transmission location. In December, 1995 construction was completed on a new FM transmission facility. The KZZT simulcast ended and KZBK-FM (FM) moved to 96.9 on the FM dial with a power of 50,000 watts twenty-four (24) hours a day. The AM station simulcasts the FM stations Hot AC format the majority of the time and is also broadcast on 96.1 FM.

While details on the history of both the AM and FM facilities are limited, it appears the AM station originally was built during 1955 and signed on the air in 1956 as KGHM (Green Hills of Missouri) and operated under those call letters until 1984 when they were changed to KGNG (Good News of God). The FM station was added in 1981 and was originally assigned call letters of KQMO. Shortly after the FM was added, both stations went dark (off-the-air) for several years, resuming operation in late 1984. In January, 2002 the AM station adopted the call letters KFMZ and the FM station went to KZBK


In 1994, KMCR (FM), Montgomery City, MO was obtained and became part of our broadcast group. KMCR is a 6000 watt twenty-four (24) hour facility that broadcasts at 103.9 on the FM dial. Shortly after the purchase, KMCR simulcast KZZT programming until 1995 when the format was changed to a Hot AC product. In 2006, KMCR adopted an Adult Contemporary format.

KMCR originally signed on the air in 1977 as KVCM. Later the call letters were changed to KOMC and then KMCR (Montgomery County Radio). Format history details are limited, however KMCR has featured a Country/Western format in the past, an Adult Contemporary format and others. The station also simulcast with another radio station licensed to Vandalia, MO for a short time. KMCR was dark (off-the-air) several times prior to its purchase by our company.

In 2011, a new transmitter and antenna was installed at KMCR allowing the station to increase it's power from 3000 watts to 6000 watts resulting in an even larger coverage area.


KLTI (AM), Macon, MO. signed on the air January 30, 1966 as a daytime station broadcasting on a clear channel frequency of 1560 AM with 250 watts of power. The station featured a live country/western format. In 1973, KLTI (Keep Listening To It) was the first station in North Missouri to utilize a computerized automation system. Later the station featured an MOR format consisting of country, soft adult contemporary and other selected songs. In 1981 the station increased power to 1000 watts of daytime only power and remained in operation by the original licensee until 1991. The station was dark (off-the-air) for sometime, then was purchased by the licensee of the former KDAM (FM) at Monroe City, MO who returned KLTI to the air with an oldies format. KLTI was off the air about six months later when the licensee filed bankruptcy. The station license was purchased through bankruptcy court by another individual, yet the station remained silent.

In 1996, the license, original transmitters and real estate of KLTI were purchased by our company and the station resumed operation from its original facility. For a short time, KLTI simulcast KZBK-FM, then programmed its own 70's based format, for a short time an R&B format and for many years a classic country format called Real Country. Twenty-four (24) hour service was also added.

Today, KLTI features a True Country (Classic) format playing just the right mix of todays country and country gold. In addition, KLTI airs the locally produced "Prayer of Faith" broadcast Sunday mornings at 9am. The Prayer of Faith has been heard on KLTI every Sunday since 1967. KLTI is also your home for Macon Tiger Football coverage and more. The True Country format of KLTI can be heard on 1560 AM, 102.7 FM, 106.5 FM and 93.3 FM.


In December, 1998 KCSX (FM), Moberly, MO. hit the air with 25,000 watts of power, featuring a Hot Country format at 97.3 FM twenty-four (24) hours a day.

KCSX studios were co-located with KZZT, and both stations utilized the same tower for transmission purposes. KCSX was later upgraded to 100,000 watts of power, changed City of License to Lee’s Summit, MO (Kansas City Metro) and changed call letters to KZPL (The Planet). In 2003, we sold KZPL to another company in the Kansas City market area.


K274CE is a translator station located at 102.7 on your FM dial. This station currently rebroadcasts the Classic Country signal of KLTI Radio.


K293BX is a translator station located at 106.5 on your FM dial. This station currently rebroadcasts the Classic Country signal of KLTI Radio.


K227BO is a translator station located at 93.3 on your FM dial. This station currently rebroadcasts the Classic Country signal of KLTI Radio.


K241BT is a translator station located at 96.1 on your FM dial. This station currently rebroadcasts the Adult Contemporary signal of KFMZ Radio.


In addition, the Best Broadcast Group has been instrumental in filings for FM radio stations licensed to Macon, MO, Vandalia, MO, Moberly, MO and Jefferson City, MO as well as several translator stations in the area and more.

The Best Broadcast Group is a locally owned and operated privately held company. 


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